Bijapur Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS)

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Bijapur Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS)

BIRDS has been working with backward Taluks of Bijapur, Bagalkot, Dharwaf, Kodagu, Gulbarga, Haveri, Belgaum, Yadgir and various Districts of Karnataka.

Bijapur Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) was established on 2nd October 1989 on the day of Gandhi Jayanti and registered on 1st February 1990 under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960. Mr. Mahantesh Agasimundin is the founder of the organization. BIRDS has been working with the vulnerable target group of families especially - landless, physically challenged, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/STs), small and marginal farmers, women on socio-economic issues, and development of rural poor through diversified developmental activities.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


All people live with Dignity


1. Running livelihood enhancement programs for 50000 vulnerable populations. 2. Improve socio-economic conditions of the rural poor without anycast and creed organizing them into 1000 CBOs. 3. To impact 2000 , disabled children by 2030.

Our Programs

Program Text

Early Intervention and Early Education

Early intervention and Early Education help to identify and address the developmental issues at an earlier stage increasing the ease and ability of the child and that of his or her parents to accept the challenges and face them with preparedness. Early diagnosis not only improves the children’s ability to reach their academic potential but also prevents the development of low self-esteem and behavior problems that further interfere with their ability to learn. Early intervention programs help children gain the basic skills that they usually learn in the first 2 years of life, such as: physical skills, thinking skills and communication skills. Children born with delays or disabilities are at risk of not meeting developmental milestones. To maximize a child’s educational potential, specialists recommend providing strategies as early as possible. These strategies help to manage problems before they become more severe.

Program Text

Watershed Development for Drought Proofing Programme

Dry land areas in the country account for about 70 per cent of the cropped area and contribute more than half of the country's food grains production. These areas share 60 to 80 per cent of the output of coarse cereals, major oilseeds and fiber crops. Even after realizing the entire irrigation potential in the country, about half of the area will still remain un-irrigated. The sheer weight of this in crop economy alone can suppress or enhance the growth performance at the country. Stagnation of production and productivity has been observed in all the major food crops of dry land agriculture. The Watershed Development Programme is the basic need for integrated development and management of the land and water resources which provide life support for rural communities. Thus, the prospects for agriculture in the dry land areas are severely constrained by the specific feature of their natural resource endowments and the changed context.

Program Text

Inclusive Education for Deaf children's

Organized women into savings groups, and making them to accessing the credit facilities through national banks and financial corporations, making them participate, and collaborate to improve the local resources through a local political institution like Grmasabhas’ gram panchayats, etc., Further BIRDS done health care service, HIV/AIDS prevention program, Adult Education, Rehabilitation of flood effected and national highway affected people, etc., Since we are working with women and children and they are the most marginalized within our stakeholders so we started our initiatives in integrated ways by addressing the issues of children in need of special care and protection; disabilities (deaf Children’s) with the support of the Association with People with Disabilities (APD) Bangalore.

Program Text

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the need of the hour in all areas. In urban Digital Literacy is taking place as most of them use smartphones. In the Rural areas, DL is very poor and especially women are not aware of this literacy. It is true at national&global level.

Program Text

HP printer with subsidy (Livelihood activities )

Digital Literacy for rural women is carried out by 213 Internet Sathies are given training for DL and further every Internet Sathies. These Internet Sathies are given training for DL and further every Internet Sathi given DL to 700 rural women thus apart from giving digital literacy for their own sake, a livelihood program was taken up for this.HP Printers are given to this-so that they can print copy go through skill work in the internet

Program Text

Caring for Carers programme

BIRDS will implement the project entitled “Caring for Carers” in Bagalkote district in Karnataka state, India with the close involvement of carers, the mentally ill people and disabled people they care for and their families. Address the needs and promote the rights of carers of people with mental disorders and disabilities in Bagalkote district in Karnataka state, India. Promote sustainable livelihoods and education opportunities for carers through awareness, training, and provision of necessary equipment/resources and facilitation of alternative caring options. Undertake advocacy activities supported by the on-going collection and analysis of data. Make a special effort to include and build the capacity of all stakeholders such as carers, mentally ill and disabled people, their families, Medical and Health staff (government), Community Mobilises and Other Service Providers.

Program Text

Women's Animal Husbandry Farmer Producer Organization (FPO)

BIRDS Started Two Women's animal husbandry FPO in Badami and Hungund Taluk in Bagalkot District with help of NABARD. and registered company act. Both FPO Reached 150 Share Holders. To provide veterinary health care and diagnostic facilities. To provide quality breeding services to enhance productivity. Upgradation and conservation of indigenous breeds. Quality control of Feed, Milk, and Milk products. Veterinary Extension, Education, and Training. Promotion of Dairying for self-employment. Special production program for social upliftment. Fodder Production Misc. activities related to Livestock development in the state.

Our Activities


Children's Day Celebration with 0 to 6 Year Disable Children's at Bagalkot EI Centre


BIRDS Celebrated Children's Day at Bagalkot BIRDS Office Dtd:02.12.2021 Thursday. Chief Guest's Smt. Sumangala Hadli, Smt. Kavita Devaraddi, Prof.C.G.Hawaldar, Mr.S.G.Amarannavar, Shri Ranganagouda Dandnnvar, Dr. D.S.Hawaldar, Mr.G.N.Simha, Mr.Sattyanarayana Hemadri and Staff Mr.Praveenkumar. Mr.Basavaraj Kolur, Miss.Deepa Hunashigidad Smt Shilpa.Hiremath 50 Children's and 50 Parents Attended.


Mahalaxmi Women Animal Husbandry FPO Board of Director Meeting



Careers worldwide Program Meeting


10 November 2021 our organization along with Mr. Natarajan Carers worldWide Organization planned a program whose objective was to promote the relief of people who require care due To physical or mental ill-health, disability, old age, frailty, substance misuse, or any other Cause, in particular (but without limitation) by raising the awareness of carers and the general public as to the needs of and difficulties experienced by individuals as a result of their role as careers; relieving financial hardship, sickness and distress among carers; and the relief of individuals being cared for by improving the quality of their care.


Village Level Program for Self Help Group


We came up with a Village Level Program for SHGs on 22 October 2021 in Hungund and Badami Taluk in Bagalkot District. The main objective of this programme was to bring the beneficiaries above the poverty line by providing income generating assets through bank credit and government subsidy. The Self-Help Groups (SHPs) are the major component of this scheme. To inculcate the savings and banking habits among members. To secure them from financial, technical and moral strengths. To enable availing loans for productive purposes. To gain economic prosperity through loan/credit. To gain from collective wisdom in organising and managing their own finance and distributing the benefits among themselves. To sensitize women of the target area for the need of SHG and its relevance in their empowerment. To create group feelings among women. Yamuna Pai, DDM NABARD Bagalkot was present during this activity and made sure that the rural women were benefited with the most relevant skills and resources.


Mahalaxmi Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) Office Inauguration


Prof.C.G.Hawaldar Chairman


Mahalaxmi Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) Office Inauguration


Mahantesh Agasimundin Founder


Staff Training


On 2nd and 3rd October 2021, we organised ‘Purpose of Caregiver Movement’ - We have planned to organise caregivers' movement in Belgaum by organising caregivers with Bird and Carers World Wide Organisation in Bagalkot district. Our aim was to raise awareness of caregivers in the society, identify caregiver services and provide essential services to caregivers. This initiative provides support to caregivers in the care of chronically disabled persons, identifies their rights to have a better quality of life and devises plans for development and provision of services for caregivers in government policy terms to assist them in their physical, psychological, emotional and financial well-being. Any person of any age who provides care, nourishment and support for those with severe disabilities, occupational or chronic illnesses qualifies for it. Our objectives were to improve the socioeconomic status of poor people without discrimination & benefit of any caste and creed and establish Self He


Careres Worldwide Programme




Careres Worldwide Programme



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34th AGBM


/media/birdsngo/WhatsApp Image 2021-09-25 at 5.36.07 PM.jpeg

34th AGBM


Mahantesh Agasimundin Founder


Income Generating Activities (IGA) Training for Parents


Income Generating Activities (IGA) Training for Parents Giving by Selco Foundation Bagalkot


Food Kit Distribution


We launched an endeavour in 15 villages in the Bagalkot area on July 31st and August 1st, 2021, to raise awareness about the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our team held awareness camps for 92 SHGs and 920 women SHG members at community halls in different villages for 23 days, with the help of Mr. Rangangouda Dandannavar, Vice President of BIRDS Organization. The training camp lasted 5 hours and was divided into two groups, each with 40 participants. SHG women members, ASHA activists, Sanjeevini programme staff, and village leaders all worked together to make the programme a successful one. It is important to make under-priviledged communities aware about the pandemic & its effects as well as the precautions that need to be taken to stay protected as, they don’t have access to all this information. We made sure that we protected them amidst these deadly circumstances of the lockdown.

Our Impact

It is the small change that makes the biggest impact.


Board Members



Dr. Mallanna Nagaral


Smt.Vijayalakshmi Tatrani


Ranganagouda Dandannavar


Smt. Mahadevi Kadapatti


Shri.Sharanappagouda Amarannavar


Smt: Gayatri Dadmi


Shri. B. C. Angadi


Smt..Namita Ashok Raja


Smt.Rupali Saxena




Shri. Mahantesh Agasimundin


Advisory Panel

Smt.Muttakka Bhavikatti

Smt.Shanta Kudleppanavar

Shr. D.S Hawaldar


Mr. Praveenkumar


Smt. Sharanamma

Smt. Pragati



Mr. Mallappa



Miss. Deepa

Mr.Nooranand Babu

Smt.Chandana Pujar



Smt. Shilpa Hiremath

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